Jan 20, 2012

[Movie Review] Breaking Dawn Part 1

This blog chronicled my Twilight Saga journey and I'm writing this one for the heck of it. This will be short... 

I have to say that I got more than what I expected from the movie. The makers translated what I read in the book to the big screen without twisting the story into something else entirely. Let's face it, the book was quite a bore until Bella gave birth and became vampire but the way the movie transitioned into that part was delivered to the audience with as much action and suspense as the movie can get without being unfaithful to what really happened in the book. The movie showed all the essential elements that made Breaking Dawn, as a book, phenomenal. So hands down to all the people behind BD 1. ^_^

As for the actors... Uhmm.. Let's just say I was quite satisfied with the way they portrayed each character. Hello! They've been doing it for years already but I know anyone else in the biz can do it if not better. For me, the fascination on the pretty faces that made Twilight Saga such a hit is wearing out on me. Don't worry though Twilight, I'll stick with you until the end.

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