May 17, 2011

Why HoMin?

I am unequivocally a CASSIE. The East Gods know that. My circle of friends know that. And my Cassie friends know how I fight for Cassiopeia honor. So don't let the title fool you. It holds true to some of my fangirl beliefs but doesn't say much of how much a fan I am of TVXQ. I made this blog purely to answer a very disturbing question I stumbled upon on Tumblr. [StumbleUpon and Tumblr in one sentence. heehee]

The question goes "Did you just became a HoMin fan because you are a HoMin-shipper even before the TVXQ break up?"

I say a big NO to that and here are facts that would support my saying NO to that query~

Case 1. In my 2 years of TVXQ fangirling I am a YunJae-shipper through and through. I don't even know the wordplay names for other couples except them. I just saw the spark of a hilarious bromance between Yunho and Jaejoong. I mean, YUNJAE couple! Are you kidding me?? Who doesn't smile just seeing those two act cute.

Case 2: I see Yunho as Changmin's Aboji. In the heat of my YunJae couple craziness, I see Changmin as their son. Yunho being the Appa, Jaejoong as the Omma and Changmin as the aegi. So why in hell would I consider a HoMin couple? It is even legal for the 'appa' to act all lovey-dovey with his 'son'? WTH!

Case 3. I chose HoMin because the 'Min' is there. I'm a fan of Changmin ever since I first laid my eyes on those East Gods. From the bratty attitude to the seriously high notes he can easily pull off during live performances. I am hooked!

Case 4. I am 'more' a HoMin fan because I knew deep in me they needed my support. I don't know why really. I guess I have to think through that one of these days.

So there goes my answer. Don't get the wrong idea that I am now a JYJ hater. OF COURSE NOT!

I can tell you that I worship Junsu's vocal prowess. I swoon over Yoochun's acting genius and I love Jaejoong's knack to act cute and godly at the same time... I can go on writing about how crazy I am over JYJ but that would be worth another blog entry.

I hope I have made my point. Being a Cassie these days is a pain in the ass seeing as there's Team JYJ and Team HoMin and you're supposed to take sides. But as I always say, It's just a phase. We're all going to clear our heads and smile at how silly it was.

For now I am keeping the faith. Always am!

*images on this post are not mine. Credits to the owners.

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