May 31, 2011

Merry Part House of Night

Dear House Of Night,

I have decided NOT TO FINISH the remaining books in your series. Trust me, I have the intention of sticking with you 'til the very end. I even marathon-read the first five books in two weeks. The concept hooked me --- Witchcraft, Mythology and Vampirism --- that got me burried in my bed reading like a book freak.

But somewhere along the way I got disappointed. See, I have this girl-should-stick-to-the-first-male-she-knew-and-fell-in-love-with syndrome. Most of the books I've read is in that plot set up. That's where the disappointment took place.

I strongly shipped Erik and Zoey from MARKED to HUNTED amidst the troubled water their ship was threading at that time. [Technically, Erik was the second guy she met and fell in love with. The first guy she loved was a boyfriend she had before she became a vampyre. The story focused on her vampyre life here so let's not debate with the technicalities.]

I don't know how many times I crossed my fingers hoping for a happy end for this couple. Then I started reading TEMPTED and I was greeted with a major fight and break up. WTH! Authors bursted my bubbles without even batting an eye.

You might push and tell me, "Did you check the remaining books? Maybe they made up in there?" Yes, I checked and you knew it too well that they DID NOT. Zoey even had a new guy. She was not content with three guys. She went for four. Five if you count the professor who got killed early in the series. Pffft.

So that's it for me. I'm out House of Night. Merry meet, merry part!


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