May 21, 2011

[K-Drama Review] 49 Days

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It's a story that ended the way I expected it but not quite the happy ending that I was used to. I've been lured into believing for a fairytale end but no, it didn't end that way. Curse you 49 Days! You've been playing with my rotten mind the whole time in a way that I can't complain because I'm enjoying it. =P

To start off, what hooked me into watching 49 Days is the awesome cast. --- Lee Yo Won (Queen Seon Duk), Jung Il Woo (Take Care of The Young Lady) and Jo Hyun-jae (Only You).

I have admired these actors in their other dramas and seeing them all in one is enough for my kdrama-wired brain cells to go "Watch this! Watch this! Or you'll go crazy for letting it passed by!". What's a fan to do with that? So yeah, after I read the casts list, Im aboard 49 Days ship!

The story revolves around Ji Hyun (Nam Gyuri) who got into an accident that should have given her a one way ticket to the afterlife. A Death Ripper (or in this drama we should call him SCHEDULER) gave her a chance to live if she can fulfill a task within 49 Days. To do the task she has to 'borrow' the mundane body of Yi Kyung (Lee Yo Won) who had lost the will to live. From there onwards, we see a fast-paced story that revolves around betrayal, loyalty, friendship, true love and above all the realization of how precious life is.

Here are some points in 49 Days that gripped me into following it:

The pace of the story telling. It was fast as it is satisfying. They didn't dwell long on certain issues that will get viewers (me!) frustrated. They drop conflicts at a perfect timing and resolutions just as quickly.

I super love Jung Il Woo and Jo Hyun-jae that when I watch them act cute, superhero-like and all that in every episode I had this dreamy-eyed look in my face. It's that face you will mistook me for an insane person. What?? I'm a fangirl! I am entitled to have that look sometimes! :-D

If all Scheduler has the face of Jung Il Woo. Death, take me anytime!!! How many Shinigami has curly hair, a bratty attitude, loves music and his own song for a ringtone do you know? Only in 49 Days! And it is Jung Il Woo. Need I say more?

Jo Hyun-jae is The Man in this drama. 100 pogi (handsome) points for Kang~ah! It's too heroic how he guided, protected and saved Ji Hyun during the 49 Days that I really hoped for a nice end... There I was smiling at the end of Episode 18 because Ji Hyun got her 3 tears only to have that smile turned into a fit of controlled sobs when I learned later that there will be no happy ending for them. Kang~ah! I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you. Curse you drama! *sniff*

The Yi Soo (Jung Il Woo) and Yi Kyung (Lee Yo Won) parting scene made me bawl like there is no tomorrow. I knew all along the end for this pair is not going to be good. But the dialogue they threw at each other crushed my heart so much it f**king hurts. --- Yi Soo told Yi Kyung how much he truly loved her. But now she has to give up on him and live her life well because he won't come back alive. Adding that Death is something you can't cheat. Yi Kyung in turn accepted the fact but it doesn't mean she went without getting hurt. --- How am I supposed to describe this? Gah! Curse you again drama! You owe me big for those tear!

49 DAYS is realistic in its core. The ending had Yi Soo and Ji Hyun continue their journey to afterlife. Yi Kyung and Kang moving forward with their lives. They all passed on the lesson--- That life is unpredictable and death is inevitable. Life and death come together to form a continuous cycle.

I STRONGLY recommend this drama. If you like stories that stirs out of the status quo this is your thing. Eventhough it has Death as its theme it is surprisingly a feel-good drama. Not your typical melodrama or rom-com but it has its own unique pull.


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