Jun 9, 2011

My Idols In Dramas

I'm not going into a full scale review on the dramas that I watched but I will just point out the things that I liked about them and why I watched/followed it 'til the very end. There is a reason for every sleepless nights spent in Kdramaland.

I love Korean dramas to the point of following three on-going dramas as of this writing (Lie To Me, Miss Ripley and City Hunter). At some point over the past few weeks I followed six but ultimately dropped three (Baby-Faced Beauty, Romance Town and Best Love. I think I'm gonna watch these when it's all done.) because of lack of interest on my part. So it's hardly a surprise that I will get so hooked today and go 'I don't give a damn' tomorrow. It takes a lot of willpower and attachment for me to follow a drama.

..... I'm going to stop talking now and actually confess that this post is just an excuse to write a VERY late tribute to dramas that starred my KPOP idols Wooyoung of 2PM and Park Yoochun of TVXQ. (But what I said above is so true) So I'm bringing it on...


The story is about six talented high school students who went through a bumpy ride to achieve their dreams of becoming popular music artirts. What I liked is that Dream High casted real-life idol stars. Taecyeon and Wooyoung of 2PM, Suzy of Miss A, Eun Jung of T-ARA and singer IU. Singing and dancing is twice the fun if you're watching your idols do it in a drama.


Kim Yoon Hee crossdressed and pretended to be her brother in order to attend a school exclusive for boys. In the long run she proved herself as a capable scholar just like any man can do and found love along the way. I like it because it shows girl power eventhough no one knew she's a girl. That's the fun part anyway. The camaraderie of the Jalgeum quartet is just too precious. and OKAY! I admit I spent half the time in this drama swooning over Park Yoochun. It's Yoochun dude, what can I do?

Yosh! I am quite relieved that I finally made a blog piece on Dream High and Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I feel like I'm doing a terrible disservice to my KPOP idols if I'm not going to write something about their dramas.

With that thought behind me now, I recommend these dramas to everyone. Dream High and Sungkyunkwan Scandal (don't freak out with the 'Scandal' in the title. It's just a pun.) are both a feel-good drama that revolves around youthful dreams and aspirations. It pushes us to dream high and realize our worth.


  1. i really dont know about dream high but reading this blog arouse my interest... i must watch that!

    sungkyungkwan scandal is one of the best kdrama i've ever seen!

    you already maxie!

  2. Thank you again for reading my blog Micky.. And for this comment. I can't thank u enough.. =D

    Sungkyunkwan Scandal will always be special to Yoochun and to us Cassies. :)