Sep 15, 2013

She's just being Miley

From the music video of We Can't Stop to her twerktastic performance on MTV Video Music Awards, Miley is the trending topic for a while now. But she didn't stop there, on September 13 she released the music video of Wrecking Ball and, dude, did we all watched it slack-jawed. Miley is yet again the topic of conversations online and even offline.

What about it?

Honestly, it didn't came as a surprise. In fact I was just waiting for something like this to happen and now that it had, I have to say I'm a proud Smiler, now more than ever. I have watched the kid grow up from the cute Hannah Montana to the strong lady that she is now and that's what she's been doing all this time. GROW UP. Everyone grows up, you know. The things that she did, tame or wild, is just part of growing up.

Why is she doing it the outrageous way?

If you have to ask that question I'm guessing you haven't met Hollywood yet. Hollywood has a way of bringing out the best and worst of people. Hollywood is crazy but Miley is even crazier and that made all the difference.

What about Wrecking Ball?

The music video is Miley's artistic interpretation of her new song. Wrecking Ball tells the story of a girl in a destructive relationship and was ruined by it. Everyone and their mothers think the song talks about her relationship with Liam Hemsworth. Miley unfollowed Liam on twitter and every gossip outlet out there are quick to say that it's a sign that they broke up already.

Whatever the case, I'm not surprised either that she voiced out her feelings this way. Been there, done that. Remember how vocal she was with her relationship with Nick Jonas before? She even made a couple of songs out of it. When they broke up she was a total wreck that time too and took to songwriting to let it out. It was fortunate that social media was just a baby that time and Miley's rebel strike was suppressed by Disney, otherwise it would have become a circus back then. Love can make people do stupid things and Miley is no exemption.

Miley is not one who keep it all inside. In fact she has always been on the higher scale when it comes to expressing her feelings. She spent her growing up years doing, why should she stop doing that now? It would be out of character.

Why did she have to go nude in the video?

Why not? Britney did it. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and a whole bunch of singers did it once (or twice) in their music videos.

Lastly, don't give me shit like she's a bad influence to the kids of the world or whatnot because , seriously, Hannah Montana is waaaaaay over. It's not even on air anymore. Hell, Hannah Montana fans are all grown up now and doing their own dirty deeds as well!

If that didn't pull down that raised-eyebrows of yours, well...

"She's just being Miley".

'nough said.

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