Aug 21, 2013

[Movie Review] Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

For better or for worse, Sea of Monsters is a movie I have waited a long time to be released and no negative reviews stopped me from watching it. I've procrastinate for two weeks, but now it's really time for me to review Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. 

This review can take one of two roads. One would be a full-fledged rant on how disappointing it was for not being faithful to the books (again!), which I'll admit would be too exhausting to write and a major pain in the ass. The second one would be a half-baked rave on how awesome it was, all things considered, which I'll admit would be a difficult task because it would require a little bit of imagination on my part who found the movie just okay. So I'm not doing any of the two. HAHA I'll just review Sea of Monsters as best as I can.

Where it went wrong?

It went wrong in a lot of ways that I abandoned counting halfway through the film. Here are some: Tyson didn't show up on camp on his own, he was found by Percy in New York, Grover was kidnapped by Polyphemus at the beginning not by Luke's lackeys on their way to Sea of Monsters, the Chariot of Damnation brought them to Camp Half-Blood not to Washington D.C., the mist doesn't come in perfume bottles... and the list goes on. As a fan who read the book (the whole five-book series for that matter) I can honestly say that I got less than what I deserve. It was disappointing but I was prepared for it. I had a feeling that this would happen just by watching the trailer. The film crew must have thought that after screwing up the first movie, they can do whatever they want with the second one.

Where is the silver lining?

Once again the movie wasn't the best adaptation of a book there is, but if I looked at Sea of Monsters as a whole it was better than The Lightning Thief. Minor details were altered into the translation (such as the things I mentioned above) but the entirety of the plot was preserved. The prophecy was revealed, Kronos is rising, Luke remained his servant, the Pine tree was cured along with Thalia. It was open-ended for a possibility of a third movie. If you compare it with The Lightning Thief, dude, it is far better!

At least I got my Percabeth feels. 

Movie adaptation is a tricky business. No book will ever be perfectly translated into a movie. There will be changes to upgrade or downgrade the story and I will stand firm with what I said before that the Percy Jackson fandom is lucky to have been given the chance to watch our beloved characters on the silver screen twice and I'd still campaign for a third movie!

They can ruin the movie whichever way they want but it will never change how much I love the Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series. In fact it made me love the series more.


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