Jul 15, 2013

[KPOP Review] Incredible MV by Xia Junsu

Oooh! The wait is definitely worth it. And no effin' distribution company can ruin Oppa's comeback because I'd still celebrate the release of his 2집 even if he did his showcase in a dingy pub in nowhereland. As long as there's internet, I'm ready to go!

In contrast with his previous music videos that used black as the main theme, this time Xia Junsu took a 180 degrees turn and produced an mv basked in vibrant colors. From his  outfit, the studio set to the outdoor scenes, the video took advantage of the color spectrum to create a lively atmosphere that matches the upbeat song. It's colorful, it's incredible!

The general feel of the video is that of partying and frolicking in the sun to enjoy summer and I think it's safe to say that we just found the perfect song for summer!

There's no need for lengthy review on this music video, the title speaks for itself. XIA JUNSU IS INCREDIBLE!

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