Jun 20, 2013

[Review] The Vampire Diaries Season 4

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 aired its finale a few weeks ago and I have to say it was filled with FTW moments and epic WTF moments too. Season 4, among many other things, is when the wind shift with regards to our main characters and I've come to call it Season "Elena Had A Change of Heart, Score for Team Delena!" or the violent one, Season "Elena Had A Change of Heart, Team Stelena Screamed Murder!"

I am obviously going to favor the more violent one and go on writing about how disappointed I was with the turn of events in Season 4, but that would be a waste of time and frankly I don't want to stress over Elena's choice anymore. I've come to accept that they'd eventually play that game and see how it will pan out. I've tweeted enough violent reactions over it and we all know there's more to TVD Season 4 than just the love triangle of heartache and headache.

There's quite a few things that dulled the pain of having to watch the season-long suffering of Stefan as he lose the girl and the events after that. If only it's easy to just ditch this series for the heck of it. Here's a few of them.


The Cure

We spent more than the good half of season 4 with the whole gang searching for the cure to vampirism. Everyone is hell bent in getting to the cure first for different reasons. It's really fun to watch! In the end, the one who got to drink the cure is not someone I expect but I find myself satisfied with how this race was concluded. You know, karma will always be a bitch.


The romantic tension between Klaus and Caroline has been brewing up since forever and I'm just waiting patiently in one corner for it to reach boiling point. We're not there yet, but we're close. In this season, we get to see more of Klaus and Caroline bickering and playing their own emotional tug-of-war. One moment we see them arguing and trying to kill each other, the next moment we see one of them rescue the other from a grave situation. It's cute and I'm excited where it is going. As Klaus said in the final episode, "He (Tyler) is your first love, but I intend to be your last. However long it takes." Bring it on!

Hybrid Baby

Dude! Klaus will be a Daddy soon! We all know, in the context of this story at least, that vampires can't procreate and I was afraid they just went Breaking Dawn on us here and defied all reasons. But Klaus being a father is actually valid since we haven't explored the many possibilities of having a half-vampire half-werewolf creature in the story yet. It opens to a lot of story arcs that can spawn another season or more. Score for another bright idea! This is amazing and pretty interesting, I am looking forward to Season 5 for this alone!

The Mystery of Silas

I didn't give a shit about this Silas person in the whole series. I get it that we have to have a villain to get the story rolling. He was the key to unravel the secret of the cure and all the things that came with it, and for me, that's it. I didn't care maybe because I felt that we were running around in circles the whole time the gang dealt with Silas. Dude, can't you just die and be done with it? But I guess I can't get rid of him any time soon. Apparently, he still has some story to tell. At least we were given a big enough reason to care about Silas now that his real face had been revealed. That was a shocker!

See? There's a lot more in TVD than Elena, Damon and Stefan.

Okay, It won't be a TVD review without talking about the three of them so I might as well write what I have to say.

For a while there in the finale I thought Stefan would get a chance and I held on to that tiny string of hope for as long as I can. But as we all know, Season 4 is a bitch to my Stelena heart and that hope was crashed barely minutes after it was rekindled. But you know what? After everything that has transpired so far, there's still a big chance that the wind will change the course of all the ships in this series. For one, I don't think that big revelation on Silas' real face is dropped on us for nothing. There's got to be some explaination for that. It might contain the answer to all these questions on who is the one for our little doppleganger heroine. *wink wink*

So that's it folks! October is four months to go!

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