Jun 11, 2013

I found the perfect Wedding Song

I realized that the title of this post is a bit misleading. It implies that I've been searching for a perfect wedding song, found one and is therefore getting married. So before this blog is flooded with shocked comments, violent reactions, swearwords and whatnot, let me get this straight, I AM NOT GETTING MARRIED!


So what the hell am I doing with a post about a wedding song?

We just entered the month of June, right? and June is universally known as the month of weddings spawning terms like the infamous June Bride. So in celebration of this magical month, I'm going to feature a song perfect for a wedding. Who knows? There might be a soon-to-be bride (or a wedding planner) who is still updating their wedding playlist. This will be a big help.

The Song

Lena Park - My Everthing

I heard this song while watching the Korean variety show, We Got Married. The show pairs up celebrities to show what their life would be like if they were married. The show might be just an upgraded version of pretend play but they sure make it a point to have an awesome soundtrack.

Isn't it a beautiful song for a wedding? Or a couple theme song perhaps?

I knew I swooned listening to it.

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  1. HAHAHA Pero the title is very catching huh! :D Share ko rin to Myr, bisag ganahan ka: When I Find You Lyrics-Joshua Radin