Oct 19, 2012

The Music of Answer Me 1997

I'm taking a break from the long posts I wrote for my drama obsessions this month and just enjoy the music that came with it. The music is, as much as the story, the key part of every drama. It is what heightens the emotions and the general atmosphere of every scene.

I am not going to decipher the songs and dissect how it mirrors the sentiments of Answer Me 1997's main couple (although it does) but I'm going to babble on how good it feels to listen to them singing it.

It has been a month since the finale of Answer Me 1997 was aired but I'm still buzzing with my Seo In Guk-Jung Eun Ji OTP feels, scouring the internet for TV guestings and interviews and still singing the OST sang by my OTP themselves (in all its Hangeul glory!). In fact it is my longest LSS to date. Listen to this:

Woah! I love it when lead actors can sing. I'm feeling the love more when it's their voices I hear in the background at giggle-worthy scenes. What more if it is live and they are singing like a lovelorn couple. I don't care if it is all for the show!

The Part 2:

Jung Eun Ji is the main vocalist of A Pink and Seo In Guk is the winner of Superstar K Season 1 so it is no surprise that they have exceptional vocal prowess but hell if I didn't have goosebumps listening to them live for the first time.

Aigoo. I'm bombarded with too much feels every time I listen to these songs, no wonder it's hard to let go. But, really, who am I to complain when I'm having fun!

I'll leave the official music videos for more Yoon Je-Shi Won love. Also, read my Answer Me 1997 Review here. Enjoy!

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