Oct 25, 2012

Everyone's getting married!

*updated with photos* -_-


I remember that trending topic on Twitter last year. I guess it all started when Hillary Duff got pregnant, thus, Lizzy McGuire is no longer a kid. A sure sign that childhood is over for all of us who followed that series. Just recently the universe reminded me again that I am not getting any younger and so does my idols. My childhood was over a long time ago and now young adulthood is over too.

A few weeks ago I started watching the Jdorama Rich Man, Poor Woman starring Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi. I finished it last night with a grin on my face not just because of the fun story and happy ending but because I am back in Jdoramaland! Finally! My first dorama in three years! I didn't know that grin would be short lived. After watching the last episode of RMPW I scoured the internet for Oguri Shun news. I am not updated with the latest on Japanese showbiz so I was really shocked when I read the news that he is already married to Yamada Yu! WHAT? Is this true? asdfghjkl! How come Sano (Hana Kimi) tied the knot with Makiko (Seigi No Mikata)? Yamada Yu should make babies with Mukai Osamu because they are my ultimate Jdorama OTP! LOL. Real and reel can get confusing sometimes. But the fact still remains that Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu are married.

Pretty couple Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu
Photo from their wedding in Hawaii

I can’t help noticing that this happens a lot lately. After wandering restlessly in Kdramaland, I check back on the latest in Japan and Taiwan and I am greeted by marriage news. It started with Barbie Xu's marriage in 2010, then Matsuyama Kenichi's marriage last year and February this year was Akanishi Jin’s turn to announce the big news. Wow! Everyone’s getting married. Not only the people I grew up with in our little town, batchmates and real-life friends but also the people that I care about in dramaland. OMG! Are they getting married because the world is about to come to an end? I say blame the Mayans!

I don’t usually give a shit over these marriages. I still get excited over their oppaness but I can't say my fan girl heart came out unscathed each time I hear news like that. But what can I do? Time flies and I have to catch up with it so I won’t get left behind. So I told myself that when I find out more of these news in the future, I am just going to let my fan girl heart cry in pain and get over it.

It's okay, Junsu.

Seriously, I am getting older! I need to get over this craziness... Hmm.. maybe later!

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  1. LOL I've been exactly there!! Been kept in K-drama crazyland, I finally found a J-dorama that I heart A LOT, that is RMPW. Marathoned it in 2 nights straigh! I used to love everything Oguri Shun (and Arashi) and like you, after finished watching RMPW, I went viral searching for Shun's news.. and left mouth-gaping at his marriage news.. (and his cheating news!!) I'm still in denial that my Sano is a cheating b*st*rd.