Oct 8, 2011

The break of Breaking Dawn

Fourty-one days from today Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 will be out in theaters worldwide. I'm sure I'll be one of the millions who will watch the movie for the sake of those who suck and sparkle. *_*

Before that I have to admit I cursed Summit for being the epitome of unoriginality when they decided to break Breaking Dawn The Movie into two parts. Really now? Do they really have to pattern Breaking Dawn from Deathly Hallows? WTH! After my failed attempt at re-reading Breaking Dawn (I gave up half-way), I have to say Book 4 has a lame plot that tends to be over-rated that it's not worth adapted into a two-part movie. Seriously!

Eventually I accepted it as it is. I mean there's no point running around complaining right? So while waiting for November to come, I've watched the trailers and saw every BTS photos I can lay my eyes on. Still, I stand firm with my statement that Breaking Dawn doesn't need to be done in two parts but I got it why Summit insists on doing so.

It's so simple. Part 1 will focus on the struggle between Team Bella aka Cullens plus Jacob and Team Sam aka Quiluetes' wolf pack. Part 2 will obviously revolve around Team Forks aka Cullens Vamp Co. versus Team Volterra aka Vamp World royalty. (That's a lot of aka. Whew!)

See? It makes sense and it insures double of the revenue that Summit got from one book-to-movie adaptation. After all this is the last installment of their worldwide hit saga. You know what I mean. *wink*

I know Twi-hards out there are counting the days until November 18. As for me I've nothing more to say because I'm busy trying to absorb this:

P.S.: I've been doing blogs like this since the dawn of Twilight madness. I have a love-hate relationship with the saga and most of the time I'm undecided if I should start waving a banner with 'Twilight is my new oxygen' written on it or I should run in shame because I bought the absurdity of it all. So basically I am a bipolar Twi-hard. Lol!

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