Jun 17, 2011


Now that I think about it, maybe the curse is really on me.

Not a long time ago in our dorm room, my bestfriend and I had one of our many girl talks. We talked about our idols. That was the time when I started being a fan of TVXQ. We were laughing and talking and suddenly Lorena told me.

"Malas jud ka Bors. Tanan nimong idol magkawatak-watak." she was referring to TVXQ in particular. Days before that we were in a state of gloom since we learned JYJ left TVXQ.

"Tan-awa si Jennifer Garner ug Michael Vartan." Yes, I was their shipper back in 2002. I rejoiced when they got married and had my not so good moment when they had a divorce.

Lorena continued naming couples like Christian Bautista and Rachelle Anne Go. Oh yeah. That too. "Ug kinsa may makalimot, si Vic Zhou ug Barbie Xu." she ended with a teasing smile. (She's evil! T.T) Another Couple who tore my heart apart. I wept blood when they broke up. In year 2003 when Meteor Garden was a big hit I was team Hua Ze Lei. I only knew they dated when rumors started spreading that they broke up and cancelled their engagement. They dated 2 years dude and all the world knew about it except me. No need to tell me I'm a dumb-ass, I know that already.

"Ayaw jud ug kahimong fan sa Super Junior Bors. Basig magkawatak-kawak pud na sila." Lorena even teased me but she didn't stop me when I drooled over SuJu.

Months after that Han Geng abandoned Super Junior. Umm.. Are you kidding me? Again, we talked about it and my bestfriend laughed at me. Yeah, We're not BFFs if were not both bullies.

I was in denial back then. I just shrugged my shoulders and pointed out counter-arguments.

Today I just learned that Zac and Josh of Paramore left the band. It happened 6 months ago in December 2010. Wow! I am a fan of Paramore. If there was a band who had their songs in my playlist since 2008 it would be Paramore.

History repeats itself I guess? Only this time I am 6 months not 2 years behind.

Right now I can only say "Been there, done that." I've had enough break up to cope up with and I can say it doesn't come as a shock to me anymore.

I guess the TVXQ break up taught me a lot. That letting go, moving on, forgive and forget is as easy as 123 and ABC. That change is costant. It will always be.

Blah Blah Blah...

Now that I said all that, I can't help but think the curse is really on me. I have the means to jinx a couple or a group just by becoming their fan. Maybe I should start being a fan of [INSERT COUPLE/GROUP NAME HERE]

Now, that's no curse. It's an awesome power!

*evil laugh*


  1. haha, as in? amazing, pero wala lagi ko kabalo na nagpakasal si jennifer garner ug michael vartan. buinga uie. as in jud? fan jud kau mig ALIAS since 2ndyr high. crush kay nako si michael vartan. :(

  2. Thanks sa pagbasa Quim. Haha.

    Oo. Nagpakasal sila tas nagdivorce.. Si Ben Affleck man ata asawa ni Jennifer Garner karon..

    ALIAS! Murag halos kita man tanan pag high school naadik ato oi..bahalag gabii na kaayo ipasalida sa ABS.. Lol!