Feb 18, 2010


Written: February 7, 2010
Posted: Today

It is quite an experience having stumbled upon a world where I can easily relate to and would love to explore every corner - the world of KPOP and KPOP fangirling. Not long ago I discovered the Kpop group “Dong Bang Shin Ki” (also known as DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki) a not so good circumstance. It’s embarrassing to admit how I came to know them; nevertheless I am grateful it happened because every minute devoted to them was bliss. It was my very own sanctuary.

It’s been six months after that fateful event and I could say I am a certified fan of TVXQ. I followed the life of TVXQ with surprising addiction. Through the help of my friends I know them better. They give me videos to watch – variety shows, TV guestings, Banjun dramas, CF makings and many more. The experience is very amazing. It exceeded my expectations. The boys of TVXQ are amazing people that deserve to be praised and they deserve to be loved by many. They deserve every award given to them because they’ve got the talent. They are more than just pretty faces, TVXQ are heart and talent combined.

To officially proclaim that I am a big supporter of TVXQ, I bought my first copy of their album last February 4, 2010. TVXQ Fourth Album Version C, locally released by Universal Records Philippines. Without hesitations I bought it and was very glad I did because it has a free poster and photobook.

Now, I can honestly say that I am a TRUE BLUE RED CASSIOPEIA!

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