Dec 8, 2009

[K-Drama Review] You Are Beautiful

It has been two weeks since You Are Beautiful (YAB) ended and I still can't get enough. I feel really sad when I learned that it will end so soon just when the story gets so interesting. The ending was so sudden that I had a hard time accepting it. It has been my routine to waste time in internet cafes every Thursday and Friday just to watch YAB and now that it’s over it seems like my Thursday and Friday are getting so dull.

As a tribute to YAB, i made this blog to show how I love this series.

The journey begins here...

I first found out about YAB when I ran into this article in about its Soundtrack getting the attention of netizens. I checked my trusted video-hosting site and gladly there are videos of YAB in there. So i started watching the videos and it got my attention so quick because the casts are wonderful people and the story is something I can relate to Coffee Prince which is one of my favorite dramas. I finished the four episodes in just four hours and got mad to find out that I have to wait one week before I can watch the next episodes.

Then I learned that it is still airing in Korean TV so it is natural to wait for the next episodes just like waiting for it in TV. I got excited about that fact, it feels like I am also in Korea. In my excitement, I lure my bestfriends Lorena and Stephanie into watching the series and to support me in waiting for the next episodes. And guessed what? They liked it too! It has been part of our topics when we have long hours of story-telling.

So I patiently waited for the next episodes and savor the happiness it gives me. I kept smiling just by watching Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk having fights as Go Mi Nam and Hwang Tae Kyung. One can't miss the chemistry they have as a couple. I like it when Mi Nam clumsily do things and angers Tae Kyung but still make him notice her in special ways. I like how Tae Kyung pouts his lips when he's in a bad mood. It's so priceless. And I like it when he cares for Mi Nam but couldn't show it because the people around them stop him in doing so.

The supporting casts are also good. As a matter of fact I am now a fan of F. T. Island because of Lee Hong Ki. He is so cute! His smile, his eyes and the blonde hair make girls go crazy about him. I feel sad for Jeremy during the bus scene when he got his heart broken because he learned that Go Mi Nam liked Hwang Tae Kyung. I feel like going there and wipe his tears. That too is priceless.

For the first time ever, in my long history of Korean Drama addiction, I don't feel the urge to kill the third party. Thanks to Jung Yong Hwa. For the record i felt the pain of a guy who got rejected by the girl he liked. The way he handled the rejection was just awesome. Shin Woo is a good guy but Mi Nyu is just not for him.

UEE is an effective villain. She makes my blood boil just by looking at her.

After writing this blog, it just sank on me that YAB is really over. I had to accept it and live with the happy memories I have with it. Although it is only second in rating (in Korea), for me it is the best thing that ever happened in year 2009. 2009 is a very stressful year for me and YAB is something that gave me reason to go on. It is certainly one of the best Dramas of the year (I hope they get an award!).

It has been a wonderful three months with Mi Nam Ishineyo. Thanks to the wonderful people behind it. You are all beautiful!


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