Oct 22, 2009

It's Time for a NEW MOON

It’s barely one month before the worldwide movie premiere of the second installment of the hit saga by Stephenie Meyer. Millions of views for the trailers and hundreds of websites surfacing dedicated to the movie. Fans all over the world are now gearing up to show their support to the saga and I bet movie houses will be crowded just like the premiere of Twilight.

New Moon is the continuation of Bella and Edward’s love story. The second installment introduces the love triangle that torments the die-hard reader of the book series. Jacob Black enters the scene when Edward left Bella with a broken heart. Jacob was the person that gave Bella the strength to wake up every day after the departure of her love. In this story, Bella will eventually realize that she is falling for Jacob but cannot forget the love she has for Edward. New Moon does not focus only on the love triangle but also to the secrets that the Quileutes are keeping and the appearance of the Volturi – the royalty in the vampire world.

One of the many things that the viewers would anticipate is the changes in the movie that is brought by the new director. Many have guessed that this would be a lot better because there will be a lot of actions since a male director is now in-charge. The finale scene is also filmed in Italy that is why we’ll be seeing more than a bunch of trees in this second movie. And to add spice in the drama, a lot of male actors in the drama are hotter this time. Take a look on Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson's recent photos and you’ll see what I mean.

So for the Twi-hards out there. Let’s wait until the 20th of November and our thirst for twilight-blood will be satisfied.

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