Jul 25, 2014

Fangirl goes K-Indie

For the last two months I've distanced myself from KPOP 'cause I felt a sense of dejavu with the recent departure of Kris from the group EXO. I guess history really does repeat itself and before I sink too deep into despairland like that time with TVXQ, I decided to take an indefinite break from listening to their songs and KPOP in general. If idols can go hiatus, well what's stopping a mere fan like me from taking one myself.

The problem is, for five years now, I've been listening almost exclusively to Korean music and if you take KPOP away from the equation I'll be left with nothing except drama Original Soundtracks (OSTs). Although that's not such a bad thing itself since I have over three hundred songs at my disposal. What I don't like is when I hear some of the songs and I'll be be reminded of dramas that has gone sour at the end. Oh I hate that. For example, I don't like listening to Reply 1994 OSTs so I deleted them from my playlist.

The solution to this came in the form of Korean Indie. I don't know who were the first indie artists I listened to 'cause back in the early days of my drama watching life I didn't care who were the artists singing the OSTs. But I can definitely remember the first artist that made me appreciate Korean indie and that's J Rabbit. I first heard their song If You Love Me in the drama Operation Proposal. It's a nice song that captured the right sentiment of the drama, it even became an LSS of mine. I like their songs and (they show up from time to time in dramas) but I didn't venture out beyond the wall of drama OSTs, not until two months ago when I decided to make my KPOP hiatus.

It's easy enough to search other indie artists and it appeared that most of them have contributed to drama OSTs. In fact, I have their songs in my existing OST Playlist. This time around I went beyond OSTs and started listening to their other songs included in full-length albums, EPs and even the digital singles. Now my playlists includes artists like J Rabbit, 10cm, Urban Zakapa, Standing Egg, Bubble Sisters, Geeks, Every Single Day, Busker Busker and more. I've been listening to their songs almost every night and there is that calmness I feel whenever I listened to them. When I listen to their songs I don't feel like going over the top with my crazy KPOP fangirl reflex (screaming incoherently and fanchanting like I'm in a freakin' music show) and just relax and enjoy the music. I kind of miss that feeling and I guess I'm going to stay this way for now.

Before I end this babble (again), here are some of my current favorite K-Indie songs. They're not necessarily new.


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