Apr 27, 2014

Mystery behind fave author's drama preference finally solved

Reading and watching Asian dramas are two of my hobbies. Books and dramas keep me company late at night and when I don't feel like going out. I mostly read books written in the English language and most of the dramas I watch are Korean. I read Western stuff and I watch Korean stuff, I drew a line between those two and it has always been that way until last year...

Last year a friend recommended this YA novel series to me, she said it's a nice series with a big twist at the end. This friend is a certified bookworm (birds of the same feather flock together, you know) and I trust her taste in books so I proceeded into reading the first book without knowing who the author is. I also like to mess with my reading list and insert random books here and there.

Burn for Burn

The first sign of awesome I noticed in the book was when I read a Korean name in the Dedication Page. So one of the authors is Korean-American?  Hmmm…  Interesting.  The second sign was presented to me when a few pages into the book I learned that one of the three female protagonists is Korean. By this point I am now hooked and I didn’t stop reading until my eyes can’t take it anymore.

Fast forward to two books later, I declared myself a Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian fan. But I was more interested in Jenny because of the Han in her name. Looking back, that name should have clued me in of her nationality but I’m blind to details that way. With the help of Google I confirmed that Jenny Han is Korean-America which made me liked her more.

Jenny Han

Now, I am a big K-Drama fan myself so I immediately assumed that Jenny is a drama fan as well. I planned on asking her via email but being a procrastinator that I am I never did write that email. But every time Jenny’s name appeared on my Twitter news feed I always wondered if my assumption of her being a K-Drama fan was correct.

Last week, while I was checking out my favourite Korean Drama blog I was surprised to read Jenny Han’s name on one of their posts. The blogger was talking about Jenny’s new book and what do you know, that post totally confirmed my hunch that JENNY HAN IS A DRAMA FAN! One of her favourite drama is My Name is Kim Sam Soon. Oooooh~

Now I can finally rest this case that has eluded me for months and with this discovery it has cemented my love for Jenny Han and her Korean protagonists. They say when two worlds collide it creates confusion but this collision did not confuse me at all.  In fact it made both worlds more fun!

P.S. I had fun reading To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before but damn that cliffhanger.

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