Mar 9, 2014

Let It Go: The fangirl's favorite version

Weeks after I saw the movie Frozen, it has become a massive global hit and the song “Let It Go" is now a worldwide phenomenon. It's not only because the movie and the song both received awards from Oscars but because the song is strangely addicting. If you go around YouTube, there you'll find thousands of covers and parodies of the song in different languages and different singing styles. I, myself, like to watch the funny ones with nonsense lyrics (translations).

While I enjoy those videos for the LOL moments, I am awed by amazing performances by artists all over the globe and here's my favorite:

Let It Go performed by KPOP artists, Hyorin and Ailee.

Hyorin sang the Korean version of Let It Go that is a popular version among Koreans and KPOP fans around the world. The video above in particular is taken from their performance in a Korean musical show, Music Core.

Why it's my favorite?

Although there are other awesome performance of Let It Go out there and in English, this is my favorite simply because it is performed by two of the best KPOP singers of their generation. Each of them have their own solo version but when you put them together, it's so effin' awesome. The way their voices blend at the chorus, just perfect.

I have been a fan of both since their respective debuts and I've seen them in a drama together where they both outshined the others by their powerful voices but this is arguably the best performance I have seen of them together.

I have been searching for weeks for my favorite Let It Go cover and I thought it would take a long time to find one. I watched the 400th Music Core episode for a whole different reason, who knew it would give me the Let It Go cover that I have been looking for. Cheers to that!

P.S Click here to watch Ailee's cover of Let It Go in English. Yup, she's awesome!

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