Feb 26, 2014

12 Things I Learned About EXO (An EXO's Showtime Review)

In 2012, it was through a friend that I learned about EXO and because they were SM Town's maknae group I couldn't help but be curious about them. When they made their comeback with "Wolf", I was one of the thousands of fans who cheered for them.

From the day I watched Mama until they released Growl, I'd say I am an EXO fan but not to the fullest extent. I need to watch them in their own variety show so I can truly say I am EXOtic. Then came EXO's Showtime. The show that I've been waiting for. I anticipated the premiere more than I have ever anticipated other shows before. I am eager to know how they interact with each other and just how fun they are as a group.

After three months of watching the show, here are the 12 Things I learned about EXO:

1. Kris is a walking contradiction. He's a cold city guy on stage but an adorable heodang when he is with his fellow members. We love you Galaxy hyung!

2. Kyungsoo is afraid of broadcast that's why he didn't talk that much in the show. But he eventually got used to it. Let's DO it, Kyungsoo!

3. You can't help but be sucked by Chanyeol's happy energy. He's not called Happy Virus for nothing.... and he now have more hats that he can ever wear.

4. Yixing likes to reminisce the past by eating foods he loved as a trainee. He has a 4D personality that it's hard to predict his mood sometimes. But one can not deny that he is a guitar genius.

5. Suho is the most precious member of EXO. As the leader, he knows how to take one for the team... or maybe he just have a soft heart for the members.

6. Chen is a joyful youth who likes to have fun. When he is around, there is never a dull moment. He also cares for everyone like a Mom. Jongdae!

7. Tao, with all his martial arts charisma, is actually a softy and easily gets distracted by beautiful things and likes sweet things. EXO's teenage girl, Tao! and like a teenage girl, he is afraid of ghosts and roaches. Aw~~~

8. Sehun is a mischievous maknae who has different view on things but when he needs to behave, he is up to the task... and even serve tea along with it. But don't pair him up with Kai if you want a nice gift for your birthday. -_-

9. It doesn't matter if you can reach the highest note or go down to the lowest one, it's all about the performance and Baekhyun's rap while shaking his butt is the perfect example of that. The life of the party... err, I mean show. Oh, be still my noona heart!

10. Kai has a very distinct laugh among the group. Seriously, after 12 weeks I can totally recognize his laugh even with my eyes closed. He is the Dark Kid of EXO who will melt you with just one smile.

11. Armed with his aegyo, Xiumin is the perfect example of a mat hyung that doesn't look his age. He can pull it off as the maknae of EXO any time.

12. Despite his baby face that is sometimes (all the time?) mistaken for a girl, Luhan is a real man. 

I have to say I am not the same EXO fan as I was before EXO's Showtime started. Now I know them better (better than I originally planned). Although it was confusing to switch bias every week (one simple doesn't have one bias in EXO) it was still a fun twelve weeks with EXO. The best thing that the show did was solidify my love for EXO. I'm finally EXOtic!

P.S. Can we have another EXO variety show soon? Pretty please!

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