Feb 1, 2013


It's the love month and to celebrate heart-warming moments and because February starts with the letter F (hahaha!), I want to dedicate my first post for this month to the first Asian boy band that captured my teenage heart, my 4ever first love:


old is OLD!
That's a poster of F4 that I have in my room for almost ten years. I posted that around March-April 2003, I think. When the country swooned over these guys in the TV Drama Meteor Garden a decade ago, I was part of the herd and it was definitely one of my best fan girl moments. I don't know what is it with "first" addictions that makes it so sweet.

I've taken down posters of Shane West and Mandy Moore, Legolas of LOTR, and a lot of other high school stuff but I never got the heart to take down that one with Zai Zai, Jerry, Ken and Vaness in it. Even when I moved on and became fan of other boy groups, F4 will forever occupy a special space in my heart  (and in my room for that matter). After all they were the ones that introduced me to Asian pop and got me where I am now, too addicted to Asian dramas for my own good. LOL

Omo! What is hotness???!
I learned a few weeks ago that F4 would have a reunion performance for the lunar new year. After 4 years, the original flower four are back together to perform their hit songs. I literally felt my heart skip a beat when I heard the news. OMG! I will see my Hua Ze Lei with Dao Ming Si, Xi Men and Mei Zuo once again!

Thank you for the early birthday gift! I don't know what I did to deserve this. T_____T All I need now is a Barbie Xu guest appearance to complete the package. I know that's wishful thinking but can't a fan girl ask for more? hahaha! pun!

For the win!

I've already watched some fancams and seeing them perform again gave me goosebumps. Yay! Thank you so much for this Jiangsu Satellite TV! My year of the snake is a blast already! I can't think of anything to write anymore... asdfghjkladjasflwfadjskfjd...


Here are the videos of their pre-recorded performance. Nostalgia!!! They sang the songs live and though not perfect I can honestly say it made me tear up. I am not kidding. T_T And the bromance between Jerry and Vic killed me!!!

Meteor Rain

The First Time

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