Aug 14, 2012

All for the love of K-Drama

Watching Korean dramas can take up a lot of energy. Not just the subtitle reading but also the giggling and crying that comes with it. And if you’re in the business of watching Korean dramas from DVDs (Yes! the jack-sparrow-kind of DVD! haha) for quite a while now, you’re likely a pro in deciphering the correct translation of the dialogues once you hit the final four episodes. It takes messy to a whole new level. I know! It’s headache-inducing, hair-pulling, I-wish-those-suckers-do-their-pirating-right kind of messy. I used to scream murder when I hit that bump in the road. Aigoo. The things you do for your addiction.

For the last four years, I have stirred away from that mess and kept my sanity thanks to the power of online streaming. Online streaming promises 99% correct translation. For the last four years, not once did I have a headache understanding the dialogues. I've also found a way to obtain hard subbed copies of those dramas that I can watch at any time without the need to connect to the internet and the most important of all, save it for future generations. LOL!

My current drama obsession, Reply 1997

I guess I will never get tired of watching K-Dramas now that following every drama out there is easier. No more waiting, you can even watch an episode a good 12 hours after it was aired in Korea so it feels like watching it on real-time.

So K-Drama, I'm here to stay!

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