Mar 18, 2012

Ready for The Hunger Games??!

Hell yeah! The world will be watching... and that includes me!

In one of my previous entries I wrote about how I'm counting on The Hunger Games movie to be as exciting as the book and how I'm rooting for it to be the next big thing.

Now it's time to judge it for what it's worth. Five days from today The Hunger Games movie will premiere worldwide and I'll be one of the thousands who will make a beeline to the theater as soon as I checked out of work.

I'm barely containing my excitement because THIS IS IT! Another movie adaptation of a best-selling book series that I love. The sleepless nights marathon-reading the books will now be paid off. Getting caught up in the buzz of events like this is pretty much the story of my life. :D

Katniss, Peeta, Gale and citizens of Panem --- I'll see you all SOON!!! ^_^

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