Jul 4, 2011

Tissue please... This is it Potterheads!

I'm not going to pretend to have self control because I knew this part of me will always be true...

When I saw this video I cried. No, I take that back. I BAWLED when I watched it.

I knew I was going to be emotional the moment I pushed the play button... and dude did I get emotional! I had to hit 'pause' many times to savor the moment. I started crying at Rupert's speech and then bawled during Dan's. When it played a clip of the Trio ten years ago, I couldn't see clearly by that time. uhmm... because of the tears? I know am overreacting but the tears are worth it. I will not trade it for anything else.

As of this writing, I watched the video twice already and I bawled two times as well. T.T
I am already in this state just watching video clips. What more when HP7.2 showing day comes?
Until then I guess...

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  1. ehehe....nice one kashi..^__________^..iyakin..ehehe