Aug 26, 2009

Harry Potter VS Twilight


Random questions…

What do you love or hate about the two of them?
I guess the death of some beloved characters in Harry Potter. But sacrifice is a part of every story and that’s what makes Harry Potter beautiful. Twilight just lacks action.

How did you come by knowing Twilight?

Twilight was introduced to me by my good friend Em-Em last August 2008. She told me that it’s what her classmates are going crazy about at that time (until now!). I got the e-book from Krissie (a Potterhead friend).

How do you feel when you read HP and then you read Twilight?

Actually, I felt nothing. When I was reading The Twilight Saga I did not think about Harry Potter at all. These are two different stories that I both love.

Have you easily been a fan of the two of them after reading the book?


Who's character in HP and Twilight do you love and hate the most?

Harry Potter: I love Ron and Hermione! I really love the two of them. Without them, Harry will not be the Harry who saved the wizarding world from Lord Voldemort schemes. There’s only one person I hate in the Harry Potter series, and that is Dolores Umbridge. Until the end she’s a wicked witch!

Twilight: Oh! Should I say Edward Cullen or Jacob Black? Okay, I love Edward’s special ability to read minds and those cheesy words he said to express his love to Bella. He is the ideal man every lady would want to have. And I also love Alice’s power, to see the future is just way too cool. The character I hate in Twilight? Hmmm. Let me just say this, GO TEAM EDWARD!

Are there any similarities between HP and the Twilight Saga?

These are two different book series with two different genre. One is focused on a Boy Who Lived and his journey to fulfill his destiny. The other one is focused on a girl who fell in love with a not-so-ordinary vampire. The plots are so different that comparing the two is just not right.

I guess the one similarity between the two is that both story showed us that love is a powerful motivation.

P. S.
Harry Potter is still the best! LOL

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