Mar 29, 2017

[K-Drama Review] Uncontrollably Fond

Melodrama is not my cup of tea. I don’t like how angsty and intense it could get. Melodramas tend to heighten all kinds of emotions that my logical brain will automatically dismiss it as something that is not even possible in real life. I steer clear of melodramas but it doesn’t mean I don’t watch them. I make exemptions if a favorite actor takes on a lead role in a melodrama and I would turn a blind eye on the plot if it meant I could have my dose of Oppa awesomeness.

That is the case with Uncontrollably Fond. As soon as Kim Woo Bin got on board I knew I would watch it from beginning to end. Even the casting of Suzy didn’t change that decision.  Admittedly when the promo materials were circulating before the premiere I hoped a little that it wouldn’t be as intense as other melodramas, the trailers felt like a rom-com and Woobie and Suzy were so cute together. The first episode was good but it was more than meets the eye. I wasted twenty precious hours over another messed-up melodrama, if it wasn’t for Woobie I would’ve given up but fortunately I watched it with my younger sister and somehow it was very therapeutic to laugh at how absurd the plot, to get worked up on how unfair the world is to Shin Joon Young and to curse our heart out at Suzy’s whinny character. I can go on forever with my rant but that’ll be a waste of time so I’m just going to write the redeeming quality of Uncontrollably Fond which is, in my biased opinion is only...


I knew a lot has been said about Kim Woo Bin doing Uncontrollably Fond. Fans and anti-fans alike are very vocal about how he chose the wrong project this time and that he should have read the script a hundred times before he accepted the role. It’s easy to say those comments especially during the first half of the drama because it was a total bore. The story kept on going in circles and the characters are all walking contradictions. Then episode 10 came and the reason why Kim Woo Bin accepted the role of Shin Joon Young became clear to me and that is to showcase his versatility as an actor. From School 2013 to The Heirs and all his movies he has played the stereotypical bad boy character and so far those roles required him to show limited emoting skills. Uncontrollably Fond is his outlet to show the world that he can do more than just bad boy types of character and boy did he nailed it. The last ten minutes of episode 10 was so intense and heart-tugging it made me cry. Kim Woo Bin has outdone himself and from there onwards he carried the show on his shoulder. I know it became makjang from there but I can’t help but be pulled my Woobie’s acting. He clearly matured as an actor in Uncontrollably Fond and here’s to hoping that drama will pave the way for him to more mature roles worthy of awards.

I guess that’s it. Well, honestly I just stumbled upon this blog draft on my computer and it says here that I wrote the words above on September 2016 and, dude, that was like a million years ago. I can’t really remember what happened on that drama except the awesome performance of Kim Woo Bin so I am just going to end it here.  

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