Jul 7, 2012

For the love of Christian Bautista!

I saw an ad for Christian Bautista's 10th year anniversary special on ABS-CBN last week and that's where I got the idea for my next post. My high school friends and college dorm mates knew that he is one of the artists who splattered different colour on my fangirl life.

Here's the full story...

The other day I unearthed my old high school diary and scan the pages for any Christian related entries and I found two entries dated May 4 and 5, 2003. Clearly, he was the object of my fangirl fantasies after Michael Vartan and before Vic Zhou.... Hahahaha. *ROFL*
the diary entry. 
I remember watching him on ASAP in their pilot episode of SIAM (Star In A Million) and literally became a fan of him after that. I followed his journey in SIAM, watched his rise and fall in the show and according to my diary I cursed everyone in SIAM when he didn't make it to the Top 3.

A year later after that, I cried a river and swore that I'll be a good girl forever if mom will buy me Christian's first album. I guess I did an awesome acting that time because after our trip to the mall I had in my hand the album. Hahaha.
My first fangirl merchandise!

I saw Christian for the first time ever when ASAP brought their show live in SM City Davao for the 2005 Kadayawan celebration. Heat and overwhelming crowd be damned! I will get to see him in person even if I have to die for it... Thanks to my friends who supported me that time!

After all that Christian-induced craziness for a span of 3 years, I eventually sobered up and followed his showbiz career with less hype than before. It might be less but I was there in front of the TV when he first ventured into drama (Hello? Kampanerang Kuba!), watched every music video with him and pretty girls on it (parang nangolekta lang ng chicks si kuya eh!), cheered for him when he made it big in Asia and other things in between.

Today, I am just another fan who is proud of what my idol achieved over the years, just another fan who'll anticipate his next projects.. and just another fan who'll watch "The Way You Look at Me: The Christian Bautista 10th Anniversary Special" tomorrow (July 8) on ABS-CBN's Sunday's Best.

Break a leg Christian and continue being awesome. Go go go!


Dude, I died.

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