May 20, 2012

[KPOP Review] Tarantallegra by Xia Junsu

On May 15 2012, Xiah Junsu of JYJ released a full length album entitled Tarantallegra.

Wait, what??!

That's a spell in Harry Potter!

Yeah! I'm a Potterfreak. A connection between my two parallel worlds is something that gives me whiplash everytime. Like Shim Changmin being a Potter-fan is DAEBAK!

Let me admit that it was very unfortunate for me to watch the MV teaser first. My post in facebook is proof enough that I didn't like it. Seriously, CJES what is that? I understand metrosexuality but that doesn't extend to my boys doing it in a very public music video. WTH! But as usual, that doesn't stop me from listening to the songs in the album.

Disclaimer: I am not a music expert or something. This review is from a fan's point of view.

Tarantallegra is a mix of music genres such as Dance, Electro-pop, R&B and Ballad. It is composed of 12 songs composed and written by Junsu himself and one song (Set Me Free) composed by fellow JYJ member Kim Jaejoong. It is an album that showcases Junsu's versatility and vocal prowess.

In all fairness, when I got to listen to it without the mv distractimg me, I liked the title track Tarantallegra. It has the same feel as his previous hit Xiahtic that oozes sexiness and makes you want to slap his duck butt. HAHA! His other hit song Intoxication was also included in the album. It is like a breath of fresh air in this album for its familiarity. My most favorite song in the album is track 6 - Even Though I Turn Around and Around. Although Junsu is awesome in whatever song he sings, I would argue that he is at his best when singing ballad. Even Though I Turn Around and Around gives me that feeling of watching a sad Korean drama, ergo, makes me want to cry. Junsu has that effect.

The last time I did a music review here in my blog I focused on the music video but I am not doing that with Tarantallegra. I only watched the MV once and I think that's enough if I want to keep myself sane. Here's the video if you want to know what I mean:

So let me end this by saying Xiah Junsu is definitely one of the best singers in his KPOP Generation. I think that was settled when he did musicals but if there's still any doubt on his awesomeness, I dare you to listen to this new album and be pwned.

“Tarantallegra!”** {Points wand to reader and casts the spell.}

**Tarantallegra is a spell in Harry Potter spell that forces the victim's leg to do a crazy dance.

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  1. i thought this will focus on tarantallegra single alone! i thought wrong. this one tells about the whole album right? oh well in that case, i cant say anything cause honestly, i haven't listen to the whole album yet! haha! i want your tarantallegra review alone! :Dv